Beautiful Dutch Summerhouse

Summer Houses: Frequently Asked Questions

We get so many queries about our Summer Houses, and Summerhouses in general. Here we shall attempt to clear up any confusion, and make you feel totally at ease about buying your new summer house.

Just in time for you to check out our new range of summerhouses. Just in time for Summer!

Q: Can a summer house be used as a bedroom?

A: YES! In the summer, this is the perfect space to hide away for a couple of days. You can also use them in the winter, but make sure you purchase our weatherproofed summerhouse option at the till!

Q: Can a summer house be moved?

A: Yes – Your summer house can be moved as long as you have not sunk it into the ground with concrete. Call us for a quote to help move your summerhouse.

Q: Can you paint a summerhouse?

A: Of course. We encourage this behaviour. Customise your summer house however you want. You could even get the kids involved and let them help you. Wondering how to paint my summer house? We offer a range of introductory offers for paint and wood stain if you would like the painted effect without the effort and hassle of researching the best paints. 4000+ colours for you to choose from.

Q: Can build a summerhouse in my garden ?

A: Yes you can – you do not need planning permission to create a summer house. So build away. We know how difficult it can be to make a summerhouse so this is why we offer flat pack Summer house kits to get you started. We have over years of experience under our belts to help you build your dream garden building

Q: Can you put a summerhouse on decking?

A: Yes – We think that looks great and really effective to put a Summer House on decking. It also weather proofs the bottom of the shed slightly more than if it was just on grass. Making it last for a lot more time. Check out our range for more ideas.

Q: Can you use a summer house in the winter?

A: Despite the name – yes – you can use a summerhouse in the winter time. We offer fully weatherised buildings that will stand the test of time, be that in summer or winter. Make sure you have some suitable summer house accessories in there like a blanket and even a log burning stove in there to keep it toasty!

Q: What is a summer house used for?

A: This is our most asked question and the answer is … we don’t know. Anything you want! From yoga to a dining room. Our customers make their summer houses their own, and you should too. The freedom of having an indoor space outdoors is fantastic.

We hope this has helped you decide on your newest summer house purchase, please visit our summer house page for more services that we offer.