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Log Cabins hark back to the past. They are pure rustic. Having said that, there is no reason for them to be rustic in the facilities they offer. We offer log cabins with modern interiors and beautiful log cabin furniture. We can show you how to paint your log cabin, and how to stain log cabin so it has the finish you want.

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Log cabins in northamptonshire

Beautiful Log cabins in Northampton. Made from quality sustainable wood. Beautiful choice of windows, doors and roofing options. 

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How much are log cabin kit homes?

Our kit homes start at a reasonable price and increase depending on what features you would like. Why our log cabins? They are cheap, and affordable but stylish and can be portable.

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Buy a Northampton Log Cabin and get it delivered and constructed for you in just 24 hours. 

New for 2019, we have contemporary top of the range log cabin. You can customise them, paint, design and choose the specifications of your summer house. 

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free delivery to northampton

We offer free delivery to Northampton, and the rest of the UK.

Quality sourced materials

We offer Log Cabins made in the Northampton area. Teaming up with the finest timber merchants, we can ensure that this treated wood is high quality and ethically sourced. We also supply the local area, providing Log Cabins in the Cotswold area. We supply log cabin UK wide, and overseas. Check out our site for more info.

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We support Northampton independent business, and are in partnership with the Northampton carpenters guild. We offer free construction of all our products and can provide skilled carpenters to get your dream home off the ground.

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